Hey bruhs and bruhdettes.

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What a fine day for a mustache

What a fine day for a mustache


Hey guess what? My computer is fixed! I got a new hard drive and am trying to reclaim some lost art, but now I’m fully functional and ready to draw!


Anonymous said: Hey, thought you'd like to know that not all anons are trolls. Love the art and hope your comp gets fixed. Hope you have a fun day and hope to see more art stuff soon.

God I miss drawing.


My Gaige shoes so far. Going to paint the Vault Symbol on the black circles. I know the colors and circle placement are reversed but I’m not going for perfection.



I am for sure going to go to Youmacon and I am cosplaying as Gaige the mechromancer from Borderlands 2. The costume is being made as we speak and I’m going to try to craft a robot arm out of cardboard and an old sleeve. 

I hope to see some of my followers there! I’ll post updates on my cosplay’s progress as it happens.


There is a Problem

My computer is basically broken. We’re fiddling around with it but I’m not going to be here for some time and I can’t draw. I’m hoping we can fix it on our own without having to pay to fix it because god knows I can’t afford that shit.

Just wanted to let you know what was up.



Reblog if you want your followers to put the Pokémon they think Best Represents you into your ask box.image

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lol DJ stop using my art for your shitty blog.


Anonymous said: Man, I want to spam ask him random bullshit to get back at this fuckin perv.

Kind of like what you’re doing to me?

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